Movies + LEGO = Fun

The Toy Zone has posted 20 Classic Films Recreated in LEGO. Although I must question the label "classic" given some of the movies, it's still a pretty cool list and makes me want to recreate a movie scene with LEGOs. (Can I say LEGOs, or is the plural still LEGO, like deer or something?)


David Bishop said...

Haha. Serenity is on the list. That is one of my all time favorites...though I wouldn't call it a classic.

Wendymoon said...

The Serenity LEGO scene is one of the better ones, I think.

I did some research, and apparently to use LEGO in the plural you're supposed to add something like "pieces" or "bricks". Ex: "I recreated a cool scene from one of my favorite non-classic movies out of LEGO blocks."

Genevieve said...

Oh LEGO. Yeah, I don't think I would classify some of those films as classics. Classic film or not, The Ring in LEGO bricks is almost as creepy as the movie itself.

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