LAMB Casting Results

Just popping in to... gloat, I guess, over the fact that my picks for recasting All About Eve won! There were some really intriguing choices for who could star in a remake of the movie. But I'm glad mine won, because that means this tricked out photo I made doesn't go to waste. You can read more on the LAMB post.


KC said...

I thought your choices were fantastic! It kind of weirded me out to see other heads over those familiar costumes, but it made me giggle too. Congratulations on the LAMB accolades.

Clarabela said...

Also: great job on photoshopping this All About Eve poster. I had to take a 2nd look. Love It.

Martin Turnbull said...

I think it's HILARIOUS that not only did you make some great choices, but that you made your own poster! WELL DONE MOVIE VIEWING GIRL!

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