Favorite Movie Decade

If you would have asked me yesterday which decade produced most of my favorite movies, I would probably have said the 1960s. But after seeing the decade graph based on David Bishop's top movie list, I decided to put my top 50 list to the test. This is what I came up with:

It turns out that the 1950s and 90s tied as my favorite movie decades! What happened to the 60s? Well, in making my chart, I discovered that a couple of movies I would have thought of as 60s movies were actually from 1959. Oh, so close. Can I make up my own decade? If I could, 1954-1964 would have the top number of my favorites. (Although, that would be 11 years instead of 10, wouldn't it? Hmm.)

By the way, I also tried my results as a bar graph, which was slightly easier to read, but I went with the line graph because it makes a big "M" for movies!

What's your favorite decade for movies? I know I need to watch more films from the 30s. Am I missing out on a lot of good stuff from the 70s?


David Bishop said...

My decade graph makes me feel like a classic hater next to yours. I want to officially state that this is simply not the case. I think it's that the movies I tend to associate as my favorites are the ones I grew up with. Since I 'grew up' during the 1990's the majority of my favorites come from the 1990's.

It almost makes me want to create a list that forbids movies made after 1980. I think I only have one silent film in my list.

Wendymoon said...

I understand loving the movies you grew up watching. Although I didn't grow up in the 50s, I grew up in a family that loved old movies. So, in a way, many of my favorites are ones I grew up with, too.

Watching these movies again as an adult is a lot of fun as I see all the things that went way over my head when I first saw them.

Cesia said...

I love the M! :)

I'm still working on my top 50 ... when I finish, I'll have to do my own graph! I don't think it will be an M though.

- Cesia.

Fletch said...

David, don't feel bad. I have a higher percentage than even you, with 24 of my top 50 being from the 90s. I don't think I need to count the rest. They probably look like this: 18 from the 80s, 16 from the 00s and 2 from the 70s.

Then again, I pretty much am a "classic hater" (though I don't hate them - they just don't do it for me).

demigod said...

My favorite movies are from the 1990's and 2000's. That's the time when my brain made love to movies (whatever this means)..hehehe

A little trivia: The number of times I've watched finding nemo is 10. ;)

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Wendymoon said...

Even though I'm definitely a classic movie fan, I was surprised to see only one movie from the 2000's on my decade graph. I tried to remedy that a little in my Alphabet Meme list, adding 5 more films made in 2000 or later. Just had to prove that I have seen a few new movies in these last 9 years!

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