Who doesn't love a good movie party?

What's better than watching movies? Watching them with your friends at a movie party, of course! I've done movie parties with family, as a fun girls' night in, for kids, and to introduce friends to classic movies. I also like to have my own private Oscar party, where it has become a tradition for me to use the time to make the very crave-able Emeril's Cheese and Potato Lasagna. But I must say, I have never had a movie party fancy enough to be called a cinema soiree. Yet.

Hopefully that will change soon! Turner Classic Movies is joining up with Triscuit & bon appetit to present a Cinema Soirees contest. Look here for the details and to enter. All you have to do is pick a classic movie to serve as the theme for your fabulous event, and share your ideas for incorporating Triscuits into your party. I am so entering!

What movie is my inspiration? I can't tell you. Yet. Maybe when I win, I will post some fantastic photos of my fancy soiree. Whatever happens, I am looking forward to seeing what themes are chosen and how they turn them into inspiration for Cinema Soirees. If you win, feel free to invite me.

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