What the well-dressed (classic) movie lover is wearing

Have you seen the 15th Anniversary TCM shirts ? The stuff that dreams are made of, for sure.

But I think I may be even more taken with this new Threadless release, "That Old Movie Magic". The film projector is pretty fabulous all on its own, but wait, there's more, in glow-in-the-dark ink! Makes perfect sense... the lights dim, the film rolls, and magical things happen.

Check out that Casablanca nod. Sweet!

If you're so inspired, you might want to pick up a t-shirt or two. Or three or four, and send the extras my way. :-)


Robby Cress said...

I want one of the TCM watches - but I only saw womens watches :(

Farzan said...

That looks pretty awesome. The glow in the dark thing really surprised me. I might buy one.

Vanessa said...

I saw that one on threadless, too. Its so great!

Wendymoon said...

If you guys do buy, if you click through my link I'll get points and then I can buy too! :-)

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