Classic Inpiration: Back to the Future

Sometimes when I watch a movie I'm surprised by its similarities to an older movie. I'm not talking about remakes here, just movies that borrow some inspiration and/or pay homage to an older classic. Case in point: Back to the Future has a lot of little things in common with The Absent-Minded Professor.

Both feature a man working out of his garage:

With a cute furry dog companion:

Creating a flying car:

There's also a kid around named Biff:

And the general stereotype of the wacky genius.

Coincidence? I think not. Let's not call it stealing. Let's call it classic inspiration.


David Bishop said...

I suppose it's not too surprising. I always considered Zemeckis to be in the same league as Spielberg and Lucas, both of whom absolutely had 'classic inspiration' from the serials and films they grew up with.

Madison said...

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[Retro-Zombie] said...

Drive By Blogging... Nice!

Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
Oh No, Let's Go Crazy

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think about that from time to time meself, the homage of the really good filmmakers paying respect, paying it forward, like they are reaching out in all the audiences of the world and speaking just to us, those who know the past and not in the midst of condemnation en route of forgetting all the great films that made the present day round of films even possible and so readily forgettable. Tarantino used to do it well, the remembering and homageing part, now stuck in satire hell and parody mechanics. Nice points on a classic indeed. Haven't been at your site in forever, thought I'd pop over this morning and share the bloggers community love. Do drop by and see some time (said in my closest impersonation that could never get anywhere near Mae)..

standardbred canada said...

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Anonymous said...

Good thing Kurt Russell was only in Absent Minded Professor, otherwise it would've messed up the time line continuum!

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